WHAT THEY DO: ABCCM is church-owned and volunteer-driven by 300-plus churches of all denominations and other faith groups. Through the work of volunteers serving as missionaries from those churches and the community, our ministries’ volunteers listen to each person. We offer grace, mercy and lovingkindness, which leads to effective short-term and long-term solutions. ABCCM offers crisis, jail, medical and homeless ministries as well as Veterans Services of the Carolinas. Learn more about each ministry at

The main help I needed was putting up barriers. Somebody came around with drugs, it was hard to say no. After so many years of doing it, I just got tired. I wasn’t going anywhere. My girlfriend of 14 years always used to tell me, “One of these days, my baby’s going to get off that stuff.” Since she passed, I use that to keep going. Since I’ve been here in these classes and Bible studies, I want that. I want a better life. Me being at the Costello House, they’re giving me that.
—W.M., resident of ABCCM’s Recovery Living Ministry at the Costello House
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