Aurora Studio & Gallery

WHAT THEY DO: Aurora Studio & Gallery offers a supportive art space for artists and creatives who have been affected by trauma, mental health issues, addiction or being unhoused. The program was founded in order to offer a safe, holistic space for participants to create art while building community. The studio offers a space where participants may utilize the arts to enhance self-expression and self-confidence, and network with local artists as a steppingstone for those who are not ready or able to afford other area arts programs.


  • Donors of $20 will receive a gift card (first 50).
  • Donors of $30 will receive a package of six gift cards (first 25).
  • Donors of $50 will receive a print from an Aurora artist (first 25).
  • Donors of $100 or more will receive a T-shirt with a design from an Aurora artist (first 25).
  • Donors of $200 or more will receive will receive the Trifecta: the cards, print and shirt (first 25)
For eight weeks, Aurora Studios offered me an environment where I could concentrate on myself; find joy, pleasure, focus, purpose, play; remember what is good in the world and in myself; move toward the future; strive for a better life; feel safe; tell the truth; be with people, out of isolation. I simply haven’t had this much fun in a long time.
—Mary Lou Travis
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