Bountiful Cities/FEAST

WHAT THEY DO: As Asheville’s urban agriculture resource, we encourage self-reliance, cooperation and stronger communities through providing opportunities to grow, harvest and eat fresh local produce. We develop community spaces that serve as models for equity and sustainability through organic food production, water conservation, ecological building, cooperative economics, leadership development and community celebration.

  • The West End Bakery will give a free cup of coffee to every donor who makes a donation to Bountiful Cities.
Bountiful Cities supports the type of work that builds healthy communities. Their Grass to Greens edible landscaping program has supported Southside Community Garden through work days and technical assistance, while the Community Garden Network provides Southside’s garden manager with access to tools and information. This partnership has helped maintain a valuable neighborhood asset while connecting residents with the resources to build a thriving community-based food system.
—Sekou Coleman, Southside Rising