Bounty & Soul

WHAT THEY DO: Bounty & Soul is a community-driven food and health equity organization that celebrates nutritious food, whole-person health education and community. Bounty & Soul provides fresh and nourishing whole foods to over 1,100 households per week via no-cost, farmers-market-style events and home delivery, and offers plant-strong cooking demonstrations, nutrition education and whole-person health experiences such as yoga, Zumba, mindfulness and gardening. Bounty & Soul is committed to building a resilient local food system and partners with 70-plus local farmers to source produce for market distribution, while providing hands-on learning opportunities that support farm operations.


  • Donations of $50 or more will receive a coupon for one free yoga class at Black Mountain Yoga.
As a single parent, Bounty & Soul helps so much, not only with the generous fresh food, but the warm people and smiling faces make the days a little easier.
—Bounty & Soul participant