Council on Aging of Buncombe County, Inc.

WHAT THEY DO: COAbc promotes the independence, dignity and well-being of adults through service, education and advocacy. With more than 75,000 adults in Buncombe County ages 60-plus, we face a critical need and opportunity for a huge impact on the ability to age in place.

Over the four or five years that I have asked for assistance and/or references from CoA, you have ALWAYS come through with more than I could have imagined. My life has been improved because of your knowledge, professionalism and kindness. Most recently, staff advocated on my behalf to get housecleaning help and a reduction of my monthly Wi-Fi bill, respectively. Yay! While aging in place is wonderful for me and my independence, it seems issues pop up like mushrooms in the forest.
—Elizabeth L. (not pictured)