WHAT THEY DO: EcoForesters is a nonprofit professional forestry organization dedicated to conserving and restoring our Appalachian forests through education and stewardship. Forestland owners and local communities benefit from EcoForesters’ ability to develop and implement forest stewardship strategies that promote future forest sustainability and resiliency. Through community forestry programs, landowner workshops and innovative stewardship collaborations, EcoForesters emphasizes sound ecological management. We are actively making positive impacts on the Appalachian landscape while still helping landowners achieve their individual management objectives.

This land is part of our history and one of the things that has kept our family together. Our thought had been to save the land, not use it, but you showed us a way, through active stewardship, to do both — and this should make it easier for coming generations to be able to hold onto the land.
—Marcella H., Jackson County