The Environmental Quality Institute

WHAT THEY DO: EQI has been working with partners and trained volunteers to monitor waterways since 1990. EQI tests more than 200 sites monthly in 17 mountain counties and shares the data with more than 30 partner organizations and agencies. This information describes the condition of our streams and lakes to guide watershed management.


  • Donors of $100 or more will be entered into two raffles for a Patagonia 55-liter Black Hole Duffel and a Patagonia 80-liter Guidewater Duffel.
Our partnership with EQI has been crucial for watershed planning, raising awareness and increasing citizen involvement. Their system of stream grading gives us an overall picture of water quality and helps us narrow down sources of pollution.
—Mariah Hughes, Mountain Valleys Resource Conservation and Development
Renee SMIE volunteer