Green Built Alliance

WHAT THEY DO: We’re people who care about where we live — our homes, neighborhoods and the planet. We’ve spent the past two decades advancing sustain- ability in the built environment through community education, measurable standards and regional action. We make a difference locally and regionally by certifying green residential construction through Green Built Homes; making energy-efficiency and renewable-energy upgrades to local schools and nonprofits through Appalachian Offsets; managing the Blue Horizons Project community clean-energy campaign; weatherizing low-income homes through Energy Savers Network; and educating the public by hosting sustainability-focused classes and publishing the annual Green Building Directory magazine.


  • In honor of Green Built Alliance’s 20-year anniversary, for every $20 donation, the nonprofit will offset 1 ton of carbon emissions through its Appalachian Offsets program that performs energy-efficiency upgrades in local schools, nonprofits and affordable housing.
  • Donors contributing between $50 and $100 will receive a Green Built Alliance T-shirt.
  • Donors contributing $100 or more will receive a Green Built Alliance sweatshirt.
The efforts we make today for a more sustainable community will have a huge impact on the future. Green Built Alliance supports real-world investments in that future with its work.
—Robin Cape, real estate agent
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