Green Built Alliance

WHAT THEY DO: We’re people who care about where we live — our homes, neighborhoods and the planet. We’ve spent more than two decades advancing sustainable living, green building and climate justice through inspired action, community education and collaborative partnerships. We make a difference by leading the clean-energy campaign to transition our county to 100% renewables through Blue Horizons Project; weatherizing low-income homes through Energy Savers Network; certifying new residential construction through Green Built Homes; funding renewable-energy upgrades to local schools and nonprofits through Appalachian Offsets; and educating the public by hosting sustainability-focused classes and publishing the annual Green Home & Living Guide magazine.


  • Donors contributing $50-$99 will receive a Green Built Alliance T-shirt.
  • Donors contributing $100 or more will receive a Green Built Alliance sweatshirt.
Green Built Alliance does more to mitigate climate change and promote social justice than any other organization of its size and, in fact, more than many much larger organizations.
—Stephens Smith Farrell, architect