Green Built Alliance

WHAT THEY DO: We’re people who care about where we live — our homes, neighborhoods and the planet. Since 2001, we have been advancing sustainability in the built environment through community education, measurable standards and regional action. We make a difference by hosting original educational events, distributing the annual Green Building Directory, managing the Blue Horizons Project community campaign and implementing programs such as Green Built Homes and Appalachian Offsets.


  • For every $20 donated, 1 ton of carbon emissions will be offset through the nonprofit’s Appalachian Offsets program that performs energy-efficiency upgrades in local schools, nonprofits and affordable housing.
  • Donors contributing $50-$100 will receive a Green Built Alliance T-shirt.
  • Donors contributing $100 or more will receive a Green Built Alliance sweatshirt.
We were hurtling toward the abyss of environmental destruction and degradation... Green Built Alliance will have us turn around and begin the critical work of making the world ever so slightly better, more sustainable, more equitable with every step, however small and seemingly insignificant. We are making this imperative turn today. Come along.
—Stephens Smith Farrell, Architect