Muddy Sneakers

WHAT THEY DO: The mission of Muddy Sneakers is to awaken in children a deeply felt connection with the natural world — one that inspires curiosity, stimulates learning and brings new life to classroom performance.

Since 2007, Muddy Sneakers has supported 28,000-plus fifth grade public school students via its outdoor experiential education partnerships. In 2023-24, the nonprofit will serve 4,207 students and 100-plus educators. To ensure access for all interested public schools, 80% of partnership costs are underwritten by generous donors like you.


  • Anyone who gives $100 or more will be entered into a drawing to win a bag of Pisgah Coffee Roasters Hellbender blend coffee, roasted to support Muddy Sneakers.
The value of Muddy Sneakers is in connecting outdoor and indoor learning. The impact on students comes back into the classroom environment. It helps students and adults bond, and it helps students understand how nature connects to everything we do in science.
—Shannon Marlowe, assistant superintendent, Henderson County Public Schools
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