My Daddy Taught Me That

WHAT THEY DO: The mission of My Daddy Taught Me That is to support young males’ development into righteous, respectable and responsible men. We achieve that goal through youth development programming and advocacy focused on eradicating the education-achievement and economic-mobility gaps that affect young men living in the city of Asheville and Buncombe County.


  • Donors who give $50-$199 will receive a copy of My Daddy Taught Me That, the book by Keynon Lake.
  • Donors who give $200-$499 will receive the official MDTMT letterman jacket.
  • Donors who give $500-$999 will get the MDTMT two-piece sweatsuit.
  • Donors who give $1,000 or more will enjoy a special day with MDTMT youths and staff.
MDTMT is an awesome organization teaching our youth much-needed life skills and exposing them to opportunities they may have never had. MDTMT is a generational extension of helping community youth.
—Priscilla Ndiaye, community leader