OpenDoors of Asheville

WHAT THEY DO: OpenDoors of Asheville’s mission is “to break the cycle of poverty through education, one child at a time.” We focus on students and families who are most affected by the race-based achievement gap. Our “To and Through” college program supports local students, grades 4 through college graduation, with services including educational consulting, access to tutoring, enrichment activities and emergency resources. We prepare students growing up in multigenerational poverty to enter college and graduate with little to no student debt. Our @OpenDoorsAsheville program provides on-site remote learning, homework help, field trips, glass blowing, recording arts and more.


  • Every person donating will receive 20% off a haircut at The Local Barber & Tap.


  • The first $3,000 in donations will be matched by a collective of two generous donors.
Education is incredibly important to me. I think that’s why I want to become a journalist or a teacher, because I value knowledge. ... School is more than me graduating and going to college; it represents me breaking the mold, and becoming an adult and a role model that I didn’t have growing up.
—Eric Loyd