POP Project

WHAT THEY DO: The POP Project delivers free used books to schools, community centers, hospitals and other locations around the community. Our goal is to make sure all books we are entrusted with are used for constructive, personal expansion. Because everyone deserves a good book.


  • The first 10 donations of $100+ will receive two adult tickets to the AVL Lit Tour, valued at $50.
We have been distributing books from POP for a number of years now. Children of all ages treasure the books they receive, and parents are thrilled to have them reading, especially during this year of COVID. Our clients include Spanish, Ukrainian and Russian speakers. When POP provides books using the Cyrillic alphabet, the smiles and delight of the recipients are infectious, whether the book is a children’s primer or a collection of stories by Tolstoy.
—Jan Ianniello, Community Free Market, Candler