Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation

WHAT THEY DO: Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation Inc. strives to decrease the number of homeless dogs and cats in Haywood County, as well as improve their welfare by supporting the bonds between them and their human companions. Since 2005, Sarge’s has partnered with the Haywood County Animal Shelter to adopt companion animals into loving homes. Changing lives one paw at a time, Sarge’s has saved over 11,500 animals to date. Recently, Sarge’s has launched programming dedicated to keeping loved pets in homes. Together, we make the world a better place for animals and their humans.


  • All donors of more than $100 will receive an entry into a raffle to receive a cat- or dog-themed gift basket valued at over $300.
We adopted two cats from here recently, and they really went above and beyond throughout the whole adoption process. I was very impressed with their care for animals and kindness to people!
—Carrie B., recent adopter