Mountain Xpress’ Give!Local Guide is Asheville’s easiest path to year-end giving. G!LG showcases small, medium and large organizations whose missions fall into seven categories: Animals, Community, Creativity & Literacy, Education, Environment, Health & Wellness and Social Justice. 100% of your donation goes to the nonprofits you select.

Yes you can. Just tell us you don’t want incentives in the additional notes field on the checkout page. If you opt out, Mountain Xpress and the nonprofits you donate to will remove you from their distribution of all incentives, including the voucher book, drawings and other things you would qualify for to thank you for your gift. If there are specific incentives you would like to qualify for, while opting out of others, you can specify that at checkout as well. If you opt out of incentives, you will still earn matches for the organizations.

The minimum combined donation to receive an incentive is $25 and donations can be distributed in $5 increments to different nonprofits.

As soon as possible! The deadline for all donations is midnight, December 31st 2021.

Yes. All participating organizations have 501(c)3 status. Donors will receive an automatic, email receipt for each Give!Local contribution.

Yes, if your company has a corporate matching program. Please check with your company and follow their procedures. If your company makes the donation through the Give!Local website, the match will count toward the organization totals.

Yes! Simply let us know in the additional notes field on the checkout page. If you opt out, the organizations receiving the donations will each mail you a tax-deductible receipt, but have agreed not to send any further mail. You can also choose to give anonymously by selecting the checkbox at checkout. If you give anonymously, none of your information will be shared with the nonprofits.

Yes! Simply press the appropriate button “No Thanks” on the checkout page.

Donations made through the Give!Local website are tracked by Xpress as soon as the Give!Local transaction is made.

All! There are no fees deducted from your donation. And thanks to Blue Mountain Pizza, all credit card fees are being covered. Every penny counts!

Yes you can. We are hoping to make it easier to do this next year on the website, but for now, the simplest way is to send a check with the donation form at the back of the print guide and simply write “evenly divide” on the form. If you would like to make such a donation by credit card, we can definitely take that information over the phone quickly and execute a mass donation according to your wishes. Just give us a call at 828-251-1333.

You can get more details and submit your nonprofit’s information via this application form. The application deadline is June 18th, 2021. Space is limited, so this is not a guarantee of participation. If you own a business and would like to join in rewarding donors, please email givelocal@mountainx.com.