Asheville Poverty Initiative

WHAT THEY DO: Asheville Poverty Initiative aims to eradicate poverty by building relationships across socioeconomic boundaries. Our 12 Baskets Cafe gathers community to celebrate abundance, reduce food waste and foster dialogue about how the community is better and more whole when we know all of our neighbors. Simply by sitting and eating with someone you might otherwise never bump into: Stereotypes are dismantled. Fear is reduced. Hope is empowered.

With the pandemic adding greater economic challenges to the community, 12B’s message is clear: We are made for these times, and we’re in it together! Using local food, generously donated, that might otherwise be wasted. We are reminded ‘there is enough,’ and even masks can’t hide smiles as abundance is shared. As a volunteer who gets more than I give at 12 Baskets, I see how strength of spirit and hope can be fueled by the simple gesture of sharing food.
—Anne Bergeron, 12 Baskets companion