Asheville Poverty Initiative

WHAT THEY DO: Asheville Poverty Initiative has been working in and around Asheville and Buncombe County for close to a decade. Formally founded in 2016, our two programs, Realities of Poverty Education and 12 Baskets Cafe, provide learning opportunities by creating alternative social spaces for individuals, schools and organizations to learn about the impacts of housing insecurity/homelessness and the importance of food rescue. We are a community where everyone has, and everyone has needs. We invite all to come and be in community so fear can be reduced, abundance experienced and stereotypes dismantled.

Who is my neighbor? My friend? My colleague? The injured person on the side of the road? Twelve Baskets extends my definition of neighbor in a radically inclusive way. We seek to see people as people, not as labels. Everyone is a have and have-not. We are ideally a community — a neighborhood — where one hand washes the other.
—Tom Burnet, 12 Baskets companion