Asheville Poverty Initiative

WHAT THEY DO: A steadfast presence for over a decade, Asheville Poverty Initiative builds community and promotes economic justice from our community center at State Street and Haywood Road. Our programs, 12 Baskets Café and Realities of Poverty, prioritize inclusivity, abundance and dignity to address hunger, housing and poverty. Everyone has, and everyone has needs. Come for the food; stay for the community.


  • Supporters will match the first $15,000 in donations, dollar for dollar.
12 Baskets Café holds space at the intersection of State Street and Haywood Road for people from every corner. Few things are as vulnerable as showing up hungry, hoping for food and connection. We all wear our needs on our sleeves, and no one is turned away. In a hungry world, 12 Baskets invites everyone who finds their way there to partake in abundance.
—Leslee Johnson, 12 Baskets community member
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