Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

WHAT THEY DO: Brother Wolf Animal Rescue works throughout Western North Carolina to positively impact the lives of thousands of companion animals each year through adoption, spaying and neutering, rural shelter partnerships, fostering, community cats and more. Together, we save lives.


  • The Community Foundation of WNC will match all donations of $25 or more, up to $100 per donor, to any of the Give!Local Animal nonprofits, up to a maximum of $10,000 in matches.
  • All donations will be matched dollar for dollar by a generous donor, up to $3,000.
As someone who cares deeply about animals, I happily support Brother Wolf because I know that by doing so, I am helping orphaned, abandoned and in-need animals find the healing, love and happiness that every one of them deserve.
—Deb Peppenelli, volunteer
Brother Wolf Molly