WHAT THEY DO: MountainTrue champions resilient forests, clean waters and healthy communities in the Southern Blue Ridge. Our members and supporters work to foster thriving communities that sustain each other and our natural environment. To achieve this, MountainTrue empowers residents throughout the region to engage in community planning, policy and project advocacy, and on-the-ground projects.


  • All donors receive our Native Plants guide.
  • First 10 donations of $100+ will receive a 40th anniversary adventure patch (iron on).
  • Donations of $250-$499 will receive a MountainTrue baseball cap.
  • Donations of $500+ will receive a MountainTrue backpack.
We’re incredibly fortunate to have a nonprofit, pro-environmental organization as excellent as MountainTrue. The health of our environment is crucial. MountainTrue works tirelessly to watch over, protect and improve our environment for the welfare and protection of all. MountainTrue needs everyone’s support, and it’s well worth that support. We’ve been donating to MountainTrue for several years, and we’re very pleased with the work it does so tirelessly and passionately. With the support it receives, MountainTrue gets things done!
—Cathy Joyner and Bil Stahl
mountain true