The Mediation Center

WHAT THEY DO: The Mediation Center serves individuals and families in Buncombe, Transylvania, Polk and Henderson counties. Since 1984, the agency has worked to create a safer and more peaceful community. Through mediation, training and supervised family visitation services, the Mediation Center transforms conflict into opportunities: opportunities for safety, opportunities for personal development and opportunities for community-building.


  • All donors will receive a free biscuit from Biscuit Head.


  • All donations will be matched up to $10,000.


  • Donations of $100+ will be entered into three drawings – winners receive a gift certificate to Gypsy Queen Cuisine, Nine Mile or Gan Shan West.
  • Donations of $250+ will be entered into a drawing for ceramic art by Steven Forbes-deSoule of Ariel Craft Gallery.
We see violence all around us. Creating peace and resolving conflict is a process. That’s what the Mediation Center is all about. Everything they do is very efficient. They do an excellent job with the limited resources they have.
—Joe Gaudino, volunteer and donor
Natalie at CMT training