Working Wheels

WHAT THEY DO: Donate your car and significantly change the life of a local family. A functioning car opens the door to further education, better employment opportunities and an improved quality of life. It’s not just a tax deduction — it’s a step toward independence for a person in our community. We accept vehicles of any age, type and quality level. All are useful and contribute to the success of the mission. Monetary donations support our parts and repair fund.


  • Donors of over $100 to Working Wheels receive a Working Wheels hat.


  • All gifts up to $25,000 will be matched by a generous donor.
When we bought a new family car, we had a decision to make: We could trade in our used car for a marginal, short-term gain for our family alone, or we could donate the used car to Working Wheels for a significant, long-term gain for a participating family. We learned what a difference own- ing a car could make in the lives of participants, increasing their career opportunities and earning potential while reducing their commute times to allow for more quality time with their families. The choice was clear!
—Janice and Russell, vehicle donors